Global Physio Consultancy

Global Physio Consultancy presents with a “simpler, more engaging and overall brighter” approach

The brief

Kieran wanted to improve and sharpen his presentation skills speaking on topics that he is passionate about. These presentations could serve as a powerful marketing and communications strategy to attract new clients, and position the business as a thought leader in the industry. We were to review Kieran’s current presentation skills through attending a live PD session that he was hosting, along with making slide-deck design recommendations.

The outcome

We attended one of Kieran’s PD session’s to observe his current presentation skills. We also¬†recorded video and audio of the session which helped us create an action report of recommendations based on our observations.

A few questions with Kieran:

1. What was your absolute biggest challenge prior to engaging with Presento Labs?
Wanting to further perfect my presentation skills, knowing this is a growing part of my weekly work.

2. How did that challenge make you feel?
Uncomfortable in a way, but excited to hear an expert’s opinion on my communication style and content delivery format.

3. What changed after engaging with the Discovery Phase?
My presentation designs became much simpler, more engaging and overall brighter. I was challenged to look at my PowerPoint less and trust my knowledge more. I have also implemented more landing pages in my talks, so attendees can visit my website for more resources and information.

4. What specific results can you share?
I have felt far more confident presenting, have had great feedback from my most recent lectures and have had more inquiries about my consulting work.

5. What would you say to somebody on the fence about engaging with Presento Labs?
Definitely do it. Caleb is an absolute professional who gives honest, direct and comprehensive feedback that will change your communication methods for the better.

6. Anything else to add?
The ‘Discovery Phase’ is just the first element to engaging with Caleb; he has other specialised skills in the areas of graphic design and marketing, which can further help impact and grow your business.