The secret button that will increase audience engagement during your presentations


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In the latest presentation tip video, we reveal one of the potential pitfalls of using a slideshow during a presentation, and how one trick can increase audience engagement.


You may find yourself presenting in front of a group of people around a table, let’s say eight to ten people and you may be using a slideshow. There are certain things that we do that cause us to stumble.

For example if you’re presenting with a slideshow what you’ll find, is that people’s eye contact ends up on the screen and they don’t end up on you.

What happens is that they miss out on the impact of your message because you communicate more than just verbally – the sound of your voice – you communicate with your facial expressions, your body language, your eye contact. People miss out on that if their eyes are on the screen.

Every now and again during your slideshow, hit the B button on your laptop or the blank button on your remote control to blank the screen momentarily.

What happens with people’s eye contact is that they’re generally drawn toward light and as there’s no light, their eyes will gravitate toward you as the messenger. And I believe that’s important.

So every now and again during your presentations, hit the B button and see your audience’s engagement improve in your presentations.

This is Caleb Tan here with another presentation tip.

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