[INFOGRAPHIC] Looking good in front of the webcam without breaking the bank


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To establish rapport with any audience, their ability to see you goes a long way to building trust.

If you’ve ever opened up your front-facing phone camera accidentally, you may have thought to yourself, “My face reminds me of a particular Star Wars character”.

Jabba the Hutt – the poster child for unflattering face angles.

Perhaps when you think of your own face, you don’t automatically think “star potential”?

It is true that many of us have avoided turning on the webcam option when hosting webinars or video conferences. We just don’t think the lens flatters us.

According to Nick Morgan in his book Can You Hear Me?, he explores the major problems of virtual communication, one of them being the lack of sensory feedback and empathy.

“You start to imagine that the other person on the other end of that email is angry at you, because you don’t really know what the person is thinking. This lack of information, and the resulting misinformation filling the pipeline, lead us to poor or incorrect analyses of other people’s emotional states. Our normal high levels of empathy are reduced or rendered inaccurate”.

Nick Morgan

It’s hard enough communicating virtually, yet alone in-person. Online, we can’t taste, feel or smell. But we can hear you and see you.

It’s time to own your look.

Here’s a handy infographic that will help you prepare for your next webinar or online conference. It’s a handy reminder that your audience wants to make a human connection with you and seeing you increase the chances of trust being built. This will, in turn, lead to more engagement and depending on who you are, more leads and more conversions.

Click on the image to see a higher resolution of this infographic.

Here’s to owning your look wherever you present, even online.

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