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How to start strong in your next business presentation

“Hi my name is Caleb, and today, what I’m going to talk about…” This feels like a logical way to start, after all, introducing yourself is common courtesy in conversation. However in presentations, chances are, the audience knows who you are. Someone else would have likely introduced you before you opened your mouth. It’s important…

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5 myths we believe that keep us from becoming brilliant speakers

My time helping business leaders and professionals improve their public speaking and presentation skills have brought me great pleasure. It’s thrilling to see people who were once shy and who never thought they could do it, shine in front of a room, exemplifying inspiring leadership and communication. There are some others who are very sceptical…

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I’m sure the sound of your voice is wonderful, however….

“…I couldn’t help but struggle to stay awake after 20 minutes.” Probably not the best thought I had toward a colleague of mine. Have you ever nodded off during a talk only to think to yourself, the way this person speaks makes me want to fall asleep? He had a melodious voice. Nothing wrong with…

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The Powerpoint is not your presentation

Most business presentations are dour affairs. High on information, low on inspiration. My belief is that our over-reliance on Powerpoint is to blame for most of this. There’s one particular advert that gets on my nerves – one which most people won’t care much for. Watch out for the first line that comes out from…

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A quick guide to branding your slide deck…tastefully

When most of our colleagues put together slide decks, they’re asked to ensure that it’s branded appropriately for the organisation. And most of our colleagues would just insert the company’s logo on each and every slide, right? Firstly, I heavily advise that you don’t put your logo on every slide. Main reason is that it…

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My go-to structure for a powerful business pitch

In this article you will learn how to craft a powerful pitch structure that will help strip away the anxiety of getting up on stage. If you’ve ever been to a networking meetup or a business co-op meeting, they say that speaking is a fantastic way to get your business exposed to many people. It’s…

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